Licensed Psychotherapist Eugene Oregon

Biofeedback-Enhanced Counseling

Individual and family therapy with Kris entails caring talk therapy, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused techniques which can all include the use of biofeedback computers to reduce anxiety and work toward solving problems.

How can therapy help you?

Let’s join forces to help you help yourself with your concerns!

RELATIONSHIPS Why did I do that? What was I thinking? How can we be happier?       We begin with the relationship with yourself. Do you like yourself? What is your opinion of yourself? Emotions are powerful and have a life of their own separate from the mind. Emotions release hormones which affect the body. Emotions can cause us to do things we regret! Let’s get a healthier part of you back in the driver’s seat while still respecting the emotional self. Learn about positive thinking, use imagery and visualization, notice patterns and become aware of the various aspects of the Self. We have a nurturing parent inside, a critical parent, a child, an adult, and other aspects with which to dialogue. The use of biofeedback can help strengthen the relationship with your brain. After you tend the relationship with yourself you can improve the relationship with others.

TRAUMA Have you been physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually or verbally abused?         Not know where to start? Let’s meet and talk about what happened and how to get on with your life. I understand that it may be hard to face, but the other person(s) is only getting to stay in control unless you move on.

MENTAL ILLNESS  It is not your fault if you have bipolar disorder, depression, or any other mental problem. Everyone is individual. You battle with your situation the best you can. Let me help you and we will work with the strong part of yourself to control the part of you that needs help. Learn self-control skills, anger management, and other techniques to help you be happier.

CHRONIC PAIN or ILLNESS If something has happened that has left you in constant pain or grave illness, we need to take care of several things. First we need to mourn the loss of the life you had and could have had. Then we process the anger, sadness and fears. Together we will build the best life we can. Research shows that 25%- 60% of physical pain can be modulated by the mind. Learn self-relaxation and mind control techniques to control stress.

CHILDREN and TEENS/ PARENTING  Worried about your child? Feel guilty for messing up? Help is available. I taught public school and was the director of a pre-school and taught parenting courses for 14 years. Come start at the beginning with me and we will put the pieces of the puzzle back together again. We do need to start with you the parent, then we overflow to influencing your child. One family member affects the other members like a pebble being dropped into a pond. There is a ripple which touches all. Each member of the family unit plays a role and we can strengthen your family and get closer with each other.

HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE/FAMILIES WITH A MEMBER WITH A SPECIAL NEED SUCH AS THE SPECTRUM/FAITH-BASED COUNSELING   I understand many special situations! I guess the best way to describe this is that I’m pretty old and I have a lot of experience. I care about you and strive to get into your point of view toward life. I strive to keep my opinions and biases out of YOUR therapy session. Therapy is not to advise, it is to help you become more powerful over your life.



Stop wasting energy in GAMES. Let’s get the kind, strong part of you in your driver’s seat and enjoy life to the fullest!